Monday, April 14, 2008

Ultra Chic Tote Bags

The "New York" style bag, shown at left in Funky Fish fabric, has one fabric on the outside. Fullsize, approximately 12"x5"x10", is $50.

Mid-size, approximately 10"x4.5"x9", is $40. Mid-size handles can be sewn pinched to make a more comfortable grasp.

The "London" style bags are made with two complimenting fabrics on the outside, with decorative piping to complete this sophisticated look. Fullsize is $55.
Mid-size are $45.

"Paris" style bags are similar to the "London" style, but instead of piping for added embellishment, the "Paris" style has a layer of lace on the outside top section. Fullsize is $60. Mid-size is $50.

Size comparison shown at left.

Other sold Totes:

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