Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wheelchair Bag

This Wheelchair bag was completely customized to suit the needs of a friend who uses a motorized wheelchair. It straps to the bars of the left armrest; velcro straps on each end of the bag wrap around the vertical bars, and three velcro straps along the bottom at the back of the bag wrap around the lower horizontal bar.

The front has two narrow pockets for pens, and one wider pocket for her glasses.

There is also a two-pocket pouch that drapes over the middle horizontal bar of the armrest in order to be right next to the customer's body. The smaller pocket is for her small pill case and the larger pocket is for her cell phone.

Inside, there is a narrow pocket at one end for her iPod. The bag is about 3" wide so it does not protrude far from the wheelchair. It is also not very deep, about 7", so that it is easy for the customer to find things. The magnetic snap makes it easy for opening and closing.

The bag is also stiffened with plastic canvas so that the bag keeps its shape. There is a section of canvas in between the layers of fabric at the front of the bag, at the back, and in the bottom removable interior insert.

Not only is this bag beautiful, it is perfectly functional for someone in a motorized wheelchair!

This bag can be replicated for anyone, with fabrics of your choice, for $45! Shipping is $3.50.

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